Start creating a successful Social Media Strategy for your business

  • 1

    🎉Module 1 - Welcome to Social Media Strategy! *FREE PREVIEW*

  • 2

    🧠Module 2- Social Media Strategy Blueprint Overview

  • 3

    👀Module 3-Uncovering your Business Objectives

    • Module 2
  • 4

    🕵🏼‍♀️Module 4 -Discovery Phase - How insights lead to opportunities

    • Module 3 - Video lesson 1
    • Module3 Video lesson 2
    • Module3 slides
    • NEW!Do you know your social media listening strategies...?
    • TOOLS
  • 5

    🎨Module 5 -Developing a Brand Visual Identity

    • Module 5
    • Create your Brand Mood Board!
    • Module5
    • Fun Questions to help you define your brand!
    • How to Define your Brand Persona
  • 6

    📃Module 6 -Content Planning

    • Module 6
    • Content Planing Exercise
    • Module6 Slides
  • 7

    👯‍♀️Module 7-The Power of Collaboration Techniques

    • Module 6 - Collaborations
    • Collaborations Exercises
    • Module7
  • 8

    🎯Module 8 -Making it Happen! - What do you need to consider to make this strategy happen!

    • Module 8
    • module 8 slides
    • Plan out what you will do next
  • 9

    📊Module 9 - Analytics - Optimizing to ensure results

    • Module 9
    • KPI's
  • 10

    👑Pro Reminders you need

    • Pro Reminders

Key outcomes you will get from taking this course

  • This is the course that will give you a complete overview of all the Social Media Marketing pillars.

  • If you need to put together a Social Media Strategy for your clients or simply for yourself, this is the complete blueprint.

  • You will gain access to my Social Media Blueprint that I've been creating for the past 8 years and that I apply with all my clients.

  • This course is great if you are just getting started or if you're a seasoned pro that wants to level up their skills.

  • You will be able to download plenty of exercise templates, examples, and step by step guides.


Hear it from other HOS Alumni who took the courses

Social Media Freelancer

Mae Bornillo

Social Media Freelancer

"I immediately adapted the strategic framework and used it to structure proposals to two potential clients to start my freelance job with. I have to tell you that it was a very complete and efficient flow which made me really confident in presenting to them yesterday. It's going to be changing as I go along but I got a very solid foundation through what I learned in the Masterclass. So, thank you. I'm so glad I didn't miss that. And I'm so excited for everything. Much love."
Social Media Executive

Sarah Emerton

Social Media Executive

"I took the Social Media Strategy. Alex is a splendid teacher. She’s knows the works inside and out. She has brilliant ideas and examples for pretty much everything she has done in her previous years in media. Her content is really good to follow. You won’t come away regretting it."