key outcomes you will get from taking this course


  • How to establish a Instagram content strategy

  • How to Storyboard your Instagram Stories

  • Setting up a shopable or click to blog IG feed

  • Storytelling Fundamentals

  • Instagram Analytics

  • How to repurpose & distribute your content

  • Top tools to edit your content

My winning step by step process on how you can create a Instagram Content Strategy to fit your goals


  • 1


    • Welcome!
    • ❤️OH WAIT....
  • 2

    Module 1- 💎Content Fundamentals You Need

    • Content Fundamentals
    • Module1 Slides_compressed
  • 3

    Module2- 🕵🏼‍♀️How to determine your mission & Building Instagram Tribes

    • 2.0
    • 2.1
    • Download your exercise template
    • 🧠 How much do you know about your target audience
  • 4

    Module3- 💡How to Brainstorm Your Content Ideas

    • 3.0 👀
    • 3.1 👀
    • 3.2 👀
    • Content Planing Templates 📑
  • 5

    Module4 - ✨Creating your Instagram Brand Aesthetic

    • Chapter 4
    • module 4 slides
    • Your Brand Mood Board!
    • Exercise!
  • 6

    Module5- 🎯Repurposing & Distribution Strategies (pro level stuff)

    • MODULE 5
    • Chapter 5 Slides
  • 7

    Module6 -🎡How to Storyboard your IG Stories

    • Slides
    • Download IG Stories Storyboarding Templates
    • Check out examples of studends Storyboarding in class!
    • Storyboarding Fundamentals
    • IG Stories
  • 8

    Module 7 - 🗓How to Plan your IG Feed Content

    • chapter 7
    • IG Feed Weekly Planner Template
  • 9

    Module8- 📱IGTV all the hidden tricks!

    • MODULE 8
    • SLIDE
  • 10

    Module9 - 👁Creating a PRO IG Bio

  • 11

    Module10- ⚡️The Power of the link in bio

    • Chapter 10-Slides
    • mod 10 -video
  • 12

    Module 11 - 🛍Create a IG Shoppable Fed or click to blog

    • mod 11 video
    • Module 11 slides
  • 13

    Module12- 🔍Instagram Hashtag Hacks

    • mod12 video
    • ashtags hacks
  • 14

    Module 13- 📝How to have a successful Editorial Process

    • mod 13 video
    • Slides
    • Workflow Chart
  • 15

    Module14- 📆How to Scheduling Content!

    • mod 14 video
    • slides
  • 16

    Module15- 📊Uncovering Instagram Analytics

    • mod15 video
    • analytics slide
  • 17

    Module 16 - 📸My Favorite Tools & Apps to Edit for IG

    • module 16
    • SLIDE
  • 18


    • video
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Hear it from the HOS ALumni that also enrolled in this course!

Childbirth Mentor & Laughter Yogi

Gabi Pezo

Childbirth Mentor & Laughter Yogi

"My personal experience from all the courses I've taken with Alex from HOS, the Instagram one was amazing...Because it's very creative, to figure out why you create what you create and how to use Instagram in a way so you can promote your message and what you believe and your manifesto, and who to reach and why you reach does people its a game changer! I was so excited I started making my templates right away! It makes it all organized so it's less scary!"
Media Producer

Raghda Zou

Media Producer

"The IG workshop was really fun because while your ideas are getting ready and things are getting clear in your mind you only need to paint so it’s like a puzzle that Alex helps you put the pieces together I really had fun in that course and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to get to grips with their Instagram Strategy!"

Nada Majdalani


"It was really good! A lot of information that I have to put in practice, slowly but surelyI learned a lot during the 2 day-IG workshop. Alex delivers the info in a fluid story format that makes it accessible. Will come back for more workshops! And Yes she rocks!'